What will Rehan Ahmed Allahwala do, If he becomes the Prime Minister of Pakistan?

What would Rehan Ahmed Allahwala do if he were the Prime Minister of Pakistan? The main purpose of this article is to spread awareness so that the people think before they vote and demand from the elected representatives.

 1- First of all, Rehan Allahwala will spread awareness about smart phones and social media. For this TV and newspapers will run campaigns about social media use. That how people can use the social media to learn and update. They can instantly learn from Google, YouTube and keep themselves informed about the World.

2– As education is the biggest issue of Pakistan.To solve this problem, all textbooks will be uploaded to YouTube in local language. From where children from all over Pakistan will learn then there will be online exams. Students who pass the exam will do online specialized courses from all major universities around the world. many of which are available for free on the Internet.

3-The use of smartphones will be encouraged. There will launch campaigns that will help you how to make your jobs easier with smart smartphone, like Google Assistant which you can easily operate in Urdu and manage the operarions.

4– All the performance reports of the institutions will be published online whether they are public or private. So that they are within the reach of a common man and that the people will know what the government and the rulers are doing and they will be able to hold them accountable. In this way, the rulers will be able to correct their mistakes.

5-Employees of all government agencies should know how to use Facebook and Twitter. They must have a profile on which they will receive complaints from the public and must respond to consumers with a ticket number within 48 hours. The complaint has to be analyzed and a solution has to be suggested. Moreover, it has to be stated how long it will take to resolve the issue.

 6. Heads of departments of all government agencies will have to share a video on YouTube and Facebook every week. In which they have to tell the people about the department weekly report that what department has done this work this week and about their performance . So that people can be aware of all matters.

 7- All MNAs and MPs will have to share their monthly performance report on YouTube and in the form of a video on Facebook. So that the people also know who their elected representatives are and what they are doing. And which are the bills presented in the assembly.

 8- The Prime Minister will come live every week on National TV Channel and Facebook. A number will be given below at the screen on which anyone can contact from the public and speak for two minutes what he has to say.

 9- Every person whose income is less than ten thousand per month will be given a smartphone. He will have to learn and get information about any YouTube course for one hour daily. This will allow them to update themselves according to the requirements of modern times.

 10- Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with the best people. There is the sun, there is plenty of water and there is land but we have not connected it to achieve the goal. All those who want to enter farming will have to obtain an online certificate. Based on which they will be given land up to four acres at a maximum zero interest rate. The lands of Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab will be used and the land will be cultivated. A drilling machine for water will be provided. In areas where there is no water, crops that use very little water, such as dragon fruit, cactus and aloe vera, will be grown.

11- No tax will be levied on the mobile phone less than 200 and the internet package less than 2000. The use of the internet and smartphones must be increased and people must be brought to the internet to achieve this goal. The Internet has to be made cheaper and easier. Free internet service will be provided for six months on the first connection.

12-An entertainment industry will be created. Disney and CWorld will be allowed to come and digitalilze the things .


13. Pak Pass will be launched by NADRA as Singapore launched Sing Pass


14- The police will create their app where all the data will be published. Complaints will also be lodged through it. As made by Dubai Police.

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This is what Rehan Ahmed Allahwala will do immediately if he becomes the Prime Minister. The main purpose is to create awareness among the people. Put them on their feet and build a world of self-confidence so that the rest of the issues can be resolved by the government and the people together. When people have faith in themselves and the government, they will solve many problems on their own, such as electricity and water problems.