Shadow Ambassadors

What is a Shadow Ambassador?

  • A Shadow Ambassador is a person who represents the Insan Party and works for Pakistan as a volunteer.
  • He connects himself with. Pakistani community in his country and the ambassadors to learn & communicate with them and to develop a positive relationship with them.
  • He promotes friendship, culture, trade and develops an environment for the collaborations between the two nations.

Why should one become a Shadow Ambassador ?

  • If someone Loves politics, wants to serve Pakistan practically and can spend 2 hours a day as a volunteer.
  • We provide you an opportunity and a unique digital platform in the form of the Insan party to empower people who have dreams to eradicate poverty from Pakistan.

Who should become a Shadow Ambassador ?Requirements:

  • Age: 22 to 35
  • Mutual Friends: 500
  • Laptop i7, 8gb,
  • Stream yard expertise
  • Formal Member of Insan Party.
  • Passion for his subject.

Trainings for Shadow Ambassadors :

Training No – 1

How to do interviews:


Training No – 2

How to do a online conference:


Training No – 3

How to Train Others?


What will a Shadow Ambassador do ?


  • Build connection with the sitting n former ambassadors who have been appointed in your country.
  • Do at least 2 interviews monthly of sitting or former ambassadors or such organizations to promote culture, trade n collaborations.
  • Every 3 months a conference to promote the soft image of Pakistan, to promote import export with Pakistan and to connect with Pakistani community within your country.
  • Every 3 months write a letter to the relevant ambassadors of the world with recommendations, and publish the letter online on our website.
  • Maintain the facebook page of their Shadow Embassies, Facebook Group, Linkedin Group, Linkedin Page of their Shadow Embassies.
  • Message the relevant Ambassadors once a week.
    Call the relevant Ambassadors as often as needed.

How much do I get paid to become a Shadow Ambassador?

  • No payment is made as this is a Volunteer job.