About Insan Party

What is Insan Party?

The Insan Party is a new party of the 21st century aimed at empowering the people and using technology to achieve this goal. 

We have thousands of organizations and NGOs working for the welfare of humanity. insan.pk Together with all these will empower every man of Pakistan. 

This party will consist of modern mindset and technology services which are sorely lacking in our present political system.

Insan Party’s Mission:

We are very clear on what we want to achieve

1. To help, guide and train every Pakistani to make USD$500 a month which will allow 100 million working Pakistanis to make 600 billion dollars a year.

2. To become part of G10 – The league of top 10 countries on the planet, so we as citizens can be proud globally for who we are.

People supporting Rehan Allahwala to win elections in Parliament.