Welcome To Insan.pk

Today I take the pleasure of another Journey in my life.
I am announcing the making of a new party, Insan.pk – Political Party.


This will consist of 21′ st century mindset, technologies, and services that the youth of today want to see in our political system.
The intention is the same as before, empower every citizen of Pakistan enough that they can at least make $500 a month easily doing what they do now, and to have Pakistan become part of the G10 – The league of top 10 countries of the planet, so we as citizens can feel proud of globally for who we are.

We will start seeking common men as candidates, with PASSION, DESIRE, and Strength to serve the country and work as a shadow government, acting as we are already in power, making ourselves available to the nation to help them empower themselves and give them the support that they want.

We are going to launch our Political school Online where people can learn HOW to serve people, and groom these candidates for the next elections to come.

Be in power or not, we aim to act as if we are, and solve the issues of this great country with collaborations of our friend the internet, people around the world, and over sea’s Pakistanis.

I invite all those Pakistanis today who want to be part of this SERVICING community, who want to volunteer for our country.
We are hoping that all who join, will not be paid any salary, even after/if they are elected and won’t take any money from the government to serve, and we are pondering on how we can empower them to have a passive income so they can work full time with us, and till that time work part-time to serve the community 2 to 8 hours a day.

I request you who read this to make a small prayer for me, to the Lord to give me the strength to serve, strength to never get upset, wisdom to do what is best for the majority, and not to end up in situations that may require me to make decisions that hurt people, and the power to control my own mind and desires.

I am looking forward to remaining as the chief Inspirer and educator for this new team and serving to the best of my ability ( while increasing my limited abilities)