Upgrade Your Membership

How to join Insan Party?

Step 1 : What is an Associate Member?

An Associate Member is a basic member of the Insan Party.


  • Anyone in the world can become an associate member.
  • The only prerequisite for an associate member is to be human.
  • There is no age limit for associate members.


  • An Associate Member can upgrade himself to become a formal member by fulfilling the terms for a Member.
  • The associate member will be able to get updates about the Insan Party.
  • The associate member can also file complaints about problems in their area.
  • Associate members can keep in touch with the party by downloading our app.
  • Associate members can ask questions about the Insan Party, can join Insan Party groups & pages on Facebook, attend public meetings and can support the Insan Party.
  • The Insan Party will welcome him and be grateful for his full support.
  • The Insan Party will train its associate members to become the best people in the society.


Associate members will not be given any responsibility.

Step-2 : Upgrade to Full Membership

A person can become a member of the Insan Party

Requirements :

Online Training for the Membership:

Online Trainings for the Insan Party Members

Step – 3 : Become a Shadow Mayor

Shadow Mayor of Insan Party

Step Р4 : Become a Shadow Minister 

Shadow Minister of Insan Party