Shadow Minister of Insan Party

Shadow Minister Requirements:

  • Age: 22 to 35
  • Mutual Friends: 500
  • Laptop i7, 8gb,
  • Stream yard expertise
  • Formal Member of Insan party
  • Passion for his subject
  • Approval from Rehan Ahmed Allahwala
  • Complete the training

What will a Shadow Minister do ?

  • Weekly 1 interview of a person / specialist of their field
  • Every 3 months a conference on the subject of their ministry
  • Every 3 months write a letter to the relevant minister with recommendations, and publish the letter online on our website.
  • Maintain the facebook page of their ministry, Facebook Group of their ministry, Linkedin Group of their ministry, Linkedin Page of their ministry, Twitter Account
  • Message the relevant minister once a week, Provincial and Federal.
  • Call the relevant minister as often as needed.
  • Message the relevant secretaries once a week
  • Call the relevant secretary once a week or as much as possible, state and federal level.