Shadow Mayor of Insan Party

Who can become a Shadow Mayor of the area ?

Who Can become a Shadow Mayor of Insan Party


  • A shadow mayor will be a member of the Insan Party.
  • He had made 500 mutual friends with Rehan Allahwala.
  • Can pay a monthly party fund of Rs. 2000.
  • Did 20 Online Interviews

TrainingsĀ  :

Online Trainings for the Insan Party Members

What will a Shadow Mayor do ?

Our shadow mayors will work for the public for two hours a day for free.Listen and understand the problems of the people.He will find solutions to these problems on rational grounds.Will act as a liaison between the people and their elected representatives.Will help the government solve problems.

Responsibilities of a Shadow Mayor :

  • Be available to work with people in your area.
  • Ensure weekly meetings with all shadow mayors.
  • Maintain the facebook Page, Facebook Group , Linkedin Group and Twitter.
  • Stay connected with the Shadow Councilors of his constituency, guide and help them solve their problems related to party matters.
  • Hold at least one physical meeting in a week with people in your constituencies and listen to their concerns.
  • At least one online meeting through streamyard live on social media is a must.